St. Jude Medical Aesthetics is committed to providing our patients with what they need. We are in the business of making you feel better, it starts with personalized attention, education and quality service. We go all out to meet and exceed your medical marijuana needs. Affordable health matters!

  • Responsible and compassionate board-certified physicians
  • Risk Free Assessment – 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Friendly, Compassionate & Helpful

Initial Certification,  Evaluation & Recommendation – $175

  • You will meet in-person and your St. Jude Medical Aesthetics physician will provide a thorough evaluation of your medical marijuana needs
  • You will receive your full medical marijuana recommendation and your initial order will be input into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry
  • All inclusive. Includes renewals every 70 days, up to Florida’s maximum of 7 Months

Follow up, 7 months Renewal Certification and Recommendation – $75